Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Repair Bench Oddity #1

  • Welcome back to the Gibson Repair and Restoration blog. From time to time, we get some really cool instruments in that are not your typical Les Pauls or J-45s. Today we will feature a Gibson HG-24 (HG=Hawaiian Guitar). A couple of cool features of this guitar include the "inner walls" and the 4 f-holes on the top. There is no serial # or factory order # on this guitar, but we can speculate that it was likely made between 1929-1933. It features some beautiful Brazilian Rosewood back and sides with the inner walls being made of mahogany. The headstock is inlaid with a pearl Gibson logo and a pearl fleur-de-lis. A very interesting guitar. The pictures show the guitar in the condition that it arrived and the 'in-progress' condition.

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